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The superior-quality ingredients of Anxietea are lovingly blended by hand in Auckland, New Zealand. Every element is organic and fair trade and there's no artificial or processed ingredients.

Our teas are naturally caffeine free, unlike standard green and black teas—a bonus if caffeine makes you jittery or increases your anxiety symptoms.

Tea is well known for its calming and medicinal properties and when combined with stress-reducing steps, such as deep breathing and focusing on your senses, tea is an excellent addition to your calming ritual. 

All of our teas are designed to assist you in getting through specific situations, including anxiety and panic attacks.

Enjoy the best teas for mental wellness hot or cold, with honey or your favourite natural sweeteners to taste.



Anxietea's herbs may help:

Licorice Root: Fights adrenal exhaustion and soothes upset stomachs
Cinnamon: Naturally regulates blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings
Peppermint: Promotes mental clarity and is an effective muscle relaxant
Nettle: Contains minerals that reduces stress related inflammation
Hypericum: Uplifts and balances mood and relaxes tension
Raspberry Leaf: Rich in B-complex vitamins to help reduce stress
Rose Petals: Calms the central nervous system to relieve insomnia