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Do you feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks and to-do list and cannot find the time to relax and take care of yourself?

This mini-guide will help you with starting your easy self-care routine. 

 In this mini-guide you will find:

  • A simple way to get into a self-care routine
  • A list of self-care activities and practices that may work for you
  • A printable planner to help you with your journey

Better Tea Co. 

At Better Tea Co, we understand that sometimes life is so busy that we cannot find the time or the right way to sit back and take care of our mind, body and soul.

Because this method has helped me enormously to take better care of myself, I want to share it to help others. 

“I am Tamarin Howse, owner and founder of the Better Tea Co. I created Anxietea because I wanted to combine my love of tea with a natural, herbal solution for people suffering from anxiety and depression.
I came from an incredibly stressful corporate background, with stress and anxiety being part of my everyday life.
I needed a solution, one that was effective, yet delicious. Once I found that solution, I wanted to share it with everyone”.

Tamarin Howse 

The Better Tea Co. was founded to help people take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

The handcrafters (and regular testers) of Better Tea Co. offer a growing range of wellness teas that are hand-blended in New Zealand.

Tea is well known for its calming and medicinal properties and when combined with stress-reducing steps, such as deep breathing and focusing on your senses, tea is an excellent addition to your calming ritual. 

We’re incredibly environmentally conscious. Our packaging is entirely recyclable and reusable. We also support local when we’re sourcing our packaging and ingredients, buying from Kiwi companies producing high-quality, beautiful creations.

More than Tea

We are dedicated to supporting all those who are affected by it, whether directly or indirectly and donate 5% of our profit directly to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation.

We want to connect people with the support and recovery opportunities they need while continuing to encourage talking openly about mental illness and what it's really like for those who experience it.