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It's OK to not be Busy

It's OK to not be Busy
Say it with me "It's OK for me not to be busy."


Yes, you've heard that correctly! It's 100% OK for you not to be busy sometimes. In fact, giving yourself permission to slow down and take a breather can be incredibly beneficial to your well-being.


At times, all you need is some quiet moments to be able to tune into yourself and listen to your body. Allowing yourself to recharge your batteries and be present in the moment can give you a sense of quietness and calmness in your body and mind. 

I absolutely suggest taking a nap when you need one!


Life can get pretty hectic, but embracing moments of stillness doesn't mean you're slacking off! It means that you're honouring your needs to rest and rejuvenate. 
I know you may be thinking “That's easier said than done”, believe me, I still feel that way at times. But to try and overcome those feelings of guilt, I acknowledge those pesky little thoughts, I take a deep breath, and then I visualise said pesky thoughts floating away. I then say to myself “It's OK for me to not be busy”, and head straight to the couch to watch Netflix, if that is what I wish to do!

Now, it's your turn. Watch Netflix, listen to music, read a book, sunbathe, lay on the floor and stare at your ceiling and think about nothing, the options are endless.

So! If you find yourself with some free time, don't feel guilty about it. Instead, embrace it as an opportunity to nurture you mind, body, and soul. You deserve it.


Take care,


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