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Loving Reminders

Loving Reminders

It's OK if all you did today was rest

We were browsing our instagram feed (naturally) and came across a post that has inspired this email today! They are some beautiful reminders that we thought were important to share.

✨ Whatever didn't work out wasn't meant for you. Trust the process.
✨ It's okay to want more for yourself. You don't have to settle.
✨ Have compassion for your previous selves.
✨ Don't lose yourself trying to help someone else find themselves.
✨ If people want to leave, let them.
✨ You are more than the things that have been done to you.
✨ Do what gives you peace.
✨ Be intentional.

✨ You are so capable. Stop doubting that.

Original post by @/stayclosetoyourself_on Instagram. View the original Instagram post here -

Some added cuteness to your day!


Take care,

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