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Finding Balance During Easter Celebrations

Finding Balance During Easter Celebrations
There's truly no bunny like you

Admittedly, we're new to this too, but being able to find balance during any type of celebrations or holidays is essential for maintaining overall well-being amidst festivities. 

Easter is a time of joy and connection, but it's also important to prioritise your self-care and time. Setting boundaries is a great way of ensuring that you're able to enjoy the holiday without feeling overwhelmed. For example, you can limit the number of social gatherings you attend or setting a specific time to leave events to give yourself the time to rest and relax afterwards! While we're on the topic, you also don't need to come up with an excuse as to why you can't go to something, or why you are leaving an event early! You're allowed to say no, and you're allowed to leave when you want to.



We totally understand that you have been looking forward to this long weekend after a busy week, so staying mindful of your needs during this break is important too! You could try getting up early to go for a walk while it is still quiet, try a new meditation, start a new book, catch up with a friend, or take yourself out for a coffee! The actions don't have to be big, but you'll feel a lot better at the end of the break knowing that you prioritised yourself.


We hope you have a very happy easter, and enjoy all of the easter treats you receive!

Take care,

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